This generator reads a file in GEDCOM 5.5 format and injects a simplified XML version of it into the pipeline. It does not try to change it into the GEDCOM 6 XML representation. If that is required then a suitable transformer must be written (currently not supplied with Paloose). A typical use of GedComGenerator would be:

<map:generators default="file"> <map:generator name="file" src="resource://lib/generation/GedComGenerator"/> ... </map:generators> <map:pipelines> <map:pipeline internal-only="true"> <map:match pattern="ged.xml"> <map:generate src="context://content/data/Field-Richards.ged" type="gedcom" label="xml-content"> <map:parameter name="generateXMLFile" value="context://cache/Field-Richards.xml"/> <map:parameter name="generateDOM" value="yes"/> </map:generate> <map:serialize/> </map:match> </map:pipeline> </map:pipelines>

Which injects the GedCom file content/gallery.xml in the main site directory (context) into the pipeline as a DOM and where

These parameters give a crude caching function as the generation process takes a little while. It also gives the opportunity for the translation from GecCom to XML to be done externally.

After Version 1.3.0 the above parameters will be deprecated and the generator component caching scheme used instead.

Simple example

The following is output from the Heredis application:

0 HEAD 1 SOUR HEREDIS 7 PC 2 VERS MAC X 10.0 2 CORP bsd concept © 3 WEB 1 DATE 14 OCT 2008 1 GEDC 2 VERS 5.5 2 FORM LINEAGE-LINKED 1 CHAR MACINTOSH 1 PLAC 2 FORM Town, Area code, County, Region, Country, Subdivision 1 SUBM @S0@ 0 @S0@ SUBM 1 NAME Hugh Field-Richards 1 ADDR xxxxxxxxxxxxx 2 CONT xxxxxxxxxxxxx 2 CONT xxxxxxxxxxxxx 1 EMAIL ...

which will produce the following XML:

<?xml version="1.0"?> <gedcom xmlns:g=""> <g:head> <g:sour data="HEREDIS 7 PC"> <g:vers data="MAC X 10.0"/> <g:corp data="bsd concept ©"> <g:web data=""/> </g:corp> </g:sour> <g:date data="10 SEP 2008"/> <g:gedc> <g:vers data="5.5"/> <g:form data="LINEAGE-LINKED"/> </g:gedc> <g:char data="MACINTOSH"/> <g:plac/> <g:subm ref="@S0@"/> </g:head> <g:subm id="@S0@"> <g:name data="Hugh Field-Richards"/> <g:addr data="xxxxxxxxxxxxx"> <g:cont data="xxxxxxxxxxxxx"> </g:cont> <g:cont data="xxxxxxxxxxxxx"> </g:cont> </g:addr> <g:email data=""/> </g:subm> ...
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