The documentation is still very much a work in progress. I am continually refining it to make it easier to navigate so please be patient. Any queries can be addressed to me at


For those who prefer their documentation in paper form, I have made a PDF version of the Paloose documentation that is based the Web site pages and should be considered the definitive version. I created it by using a XSL to LaTeX transformation directly from the web site's documentation XML pages and then reformatted it. It is hoped that there is now difference between the versions.

Installing Paloose

Installation is very simple — download the latest version here and then follow these (brief) instructions.

Configuring Paloose

There is a single file in which you can control the various user configured parts of Paloose, described here.

First Site

A simple site is described here.

The Paloose Sitemap

Although the sitemap format that Paloose uses is nearly identical to Cocoon, there are some important differences described here.

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