Using Paloose as A Client

It is possible to use Paloose as a client to such Web applications/servers as WordPress and Joomla!. The process requires making a suitable interface to the server and instructing Paloose to act as a client.

Why use Paloose as a plugin to a CMS ?

A very important question. In general a simple CMS based web site will probably not need the functionality that Paloose adds. However with the prevalence and adoption of XML, a means of manipulating XML encoded data is very useful. For example a site might want to show data imported from another application such as a genealogy program that produces GEDCOM (either as XML or the GEDCOM format which Paloose understands). This is not held as SQL data and thus needs processing as pure XML. The data can be manipulated to select subsets of the data and then displayed as XHTML included in an existing CMS page. It would be possible to manipulate this data using a PHP-based XML transformation. However, Paloose allows you to write using XSL directly, a much richer and easier way of doing the transformations.

Note that this Paloose site uses Paloose as a server with Apache rather than using a CMS; but there would be no reason why it should not use a CMS such as Joomla!. Having said that, there is no imported data from external programs needing XML transfomations so it would be possible to use a CMS system alone. One important factor, however, is that the article held as XML can be transformed into other forms. One form is transforming the XML into LaTeX to get a printed version of this site as a book. This can be downloaded as a PDF version of the Paloose documentation.

Which systems are supported ?

Currently Paloose has plugins for the following apps:

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