Flows (and Forms)

It is useful to provide some background to some of the decisions that I made for flows and forms. This is where Paloose diverges from Cocoon most. The latter is based on Java and Javascript which was not available to me (conceptually, not practically, as Paloose is based solely on PHP5). Thus I had to base what I did on a pure PHP approach while including the concepts of Cocoon flows and forms. I made several false starts which arose from several design problems:

All of these problems seemed intractable at first with decisions made about one influencing, detrimentally, a decision made elsewhere. Mirroring the Cocoon forms template, CForms was initially desirable for commonality with Cocoon. But it soon became apparent that this was going to make the whole approach far too complicated for what I wanted. Much code was wasted in exploring this but I believe it was the right decision. In the end I based the Paloose forms (PForms) on the JXForms that older version of Cocoon used. (I had produced some sites with this in the past so I was reasonably familiar with it). PForms is not radically different from JXForms but it does not slavishly follow the latter. I believe that PForms is suitable for the restrictions I had set on Paloose and, as I have said elsewhere, if you have a site that requires all the facilities of CForms then you should probably be using Cocoon anyway.

Once I had settled on PForms there was the problem of how to implement the flow script, which in Cocoon uses Javascript. The Cocoon approach is to take a "snapshot" of the Javascript engine (a simplistic way of describing it) in order to maintain continuity between client requests. I was unable to find a sensible way of doing this with PHP5 (which does not mean to say that one does not exist). So I had to find a means of providing the user with a simple method of continuations based solely on a PHP5 approach. I believe I have achieved this while keeping to the spirit of Cocoon.

All these solutions, however successful, have made me diverge from the strict Cocoon approach so please read the documentation very carefully.

Flows and Forms are best explained with an example.

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