Mounting sitemaps

One of the most useful concepts of the Paloose/Cocoon sitemap is the ability to "divide and conquer". It is possible for a sitemap to invoke another "sub" sitemap and transfer control to it. There is a certain amount of inheritance of components so that they do not have to be redefined. Although this does not preclude having extra components defined in the subsitemaps. Subsitemaps allow a hierarchy or tree of sitemaps underneath the master sitemap. The advantage of this is that a site with several different areas can be developed separately using a sitemap for each area, making larger sites easier to maintain. The master sitemap controls which sitemap is used dependent on the request.

<map:match pattern="/documentation/*.html"> <map:mount uri-prefix="documentation" src="/documentation/sitemap.xmap"/> </map:match>

The attributes are similar to those used in Cocoon

Performance note: there will be a performance penalty if subsitemaps are nested too deep.
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