RELAX NG Schema for Paloose Sitemaps
Author: Hugh Field-Richards
Date: 2011-08-03T12:15

This is the RELAX NG schema for the Paloose sitemaps. They are very similar to Cocoon sitemaps, but with enough differences to make it worth formalising separately. Any bug reports, help, suggestions, new task schemas etc to me, Hugh Field-Richards (

The documentation is designed to be processed by the rng2xhtml.xsl pretty-printing processor available from the author together with the SCSS style files.

Declare schematron namespace : map =

Sitemap Root

Schema Root
   <ref name="map.sitemap"/>

Sitemap Structure

The Paloose site has a similar structure to the Cocoon one, just less of it.

define : map.sitemap
element : map:sitemap
<define name="map.sitemap">
   <element name="map:sitemap">
      <ref name="map.components"/>
         <ref name="map.resources"/>
         <ref name="map.views"/>
         <ref name="map.flows"/>
      <ref name="map.pipelines"/>

Included file: paloose-sitemap-components.rng

Included file: paloose-sitemap-pipelines.rng

Included file: paloose-sitemap-generators.rng

Included file: paloose-sitemap-transformers.rng

Included file: paloose-sitemap-serialisers.rng

Included file: paloose-sitemap-actions.rng

Included file: paloose-sitemap-matchers.rng

Included file: paloose-sitemap-resources.rng

Included file: paloose-sitemap-selectors.rng


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