The latest version can be found here. I will also be sourcing the entire Paloose system on BitBucket in the near future. The SourceForge download will shortly be removed (it is not the latest anyway).

Compact version

See the downloads page for a compact version of Paloose to help with performance issues.

Simple Site

I have a download of the Simple HelloWorld site.

Separate log4php

See the log4php downloads page for a discussion of which log4php should be used with the full (uncompacted) version of paloose.

Full code of Paloose site

Someone has suggested that the code of this Paloose site is made available, although I have not included all the build files that I use to construct the whole site. While in general I do not like to display my scruffy programming style to the world (although Paloose itself does that), I have made a downloadable file of this site (about 5 Mbytes) — I accept no responsibility for any problems, caveat emptor! I cannot guarantee it is the latest version either.

Example Component Template

I have written an example component here (tgz) that is a "template" for writing generator, transformer and serializer components; also included is an example exceptions class used by the template. Future releases of Paloose will included it in the folder resources/templates/.

Version History

Please see the VERSIONS file that is bundled with the Paloose download for details of older versions. The compact version is suffixed with "-c" in the version number but otherwise follows the same version scheme.

1.9.1 2017-05-15 Cured bug that prevented certain cases of cachable behaviour
1.9.0 2017-05-11 Added expansion of module variables in sitemap globals
Added VariableTransformer and String2XMLTransformer (to support PCMS).
Cured bug which gave protected error (removed gTranslatedDOM variable in I18Transformer and GalleryTransformer)
1.8.0 2017-02-6 Added ResourceExistsSelector
Cured null otherwise problem in pipe selectors
1.7.2 2016-03-22 Cured null include/exclude problem in DirectoryGenerator.
Added dir:empty tag for null returns from scan directory in DirectoryGenerator
1.7.1 2015-11-30 Updated XMLSerializer.php change that should have been done for 1.7.0.
1.7.0 2015-11-29 Updated throughout to conform with PHP STRICT.
1.6.0 2015-09-04 Updated build system.
General cosmetics.
1.5.5 2015-05-25 Bug fix to sort reader problem preventing direct sourcing of HTML files.
Updated to working with PHP 5.5 (Renamed Generator class to Generater, not file).
Created a separate defaults file.
Updating comments to cope with Doxygen documentation system.
General cosmetics.
1.5.2b5 2012-05-26 Sorted undefined logging variable problem in compact version.
1.5.2b4 2012-02-10 Added date/time zone stuff for Mac OS X Lion (10.7.x)
Removed spurious line for $documentRoot
Cured problems with cachable feature (null pointers on some components)
Improved logging in some classes
Minor code cosmetics
1.5.2 2011-08-08 Added lib/environment/Cookie.php
Added lib/environment/CookiesModule.php
Added lib/acting/CookiesAction.php
Added lib/selection/RegexpSelector.php
Added lib/selection/VariableSelector.php
Added lib/transforming/ModuleWriteTransformer.php
Added cookies support in lib/environment/Environment.php
Added cookies support in lib/serialization/HTMLSerializer.php
Added cookies support in lib/serialization/XHTMLSerializer.php
Added cookies support in lib/Paloose.php
Added cookies support in resources/schemas/sitemap/paloose-sitemap-1.3.4.rng
Added more logging in lib/error-handling/ErrorPage.php and lib/error-handling/HandleError.php
Added exit exception in lib/pipelines/Pipeline.php to handle run errors properly
Minor code cosmetics
1.5.0b3 2011-02-10 Removed spurious logging output in SourceWritingTransformer
1.5.0b2 2011-01-22 Cured bug that stopped request parameters being recognised
1.5.0b1 2011-01-15 Major change to way Paloose is invoked (now through class wrapper and thus will not work with earlier systems).
Removed file and incorporated code into Paloose class.
Changed the initiation files for each Paloose web site (server)
1.4.0b5 2011-01-13 Added cleanup on exit (although needs more)
1.4.0b4 2011-01-03 New version to enable client working.
Removed all globals where possible into Environment class.
Removed spurious commented out code (finally)
Added sessionsRequired and client in
Added necessary code to use above for Paloose to act as client to WordPress server
Huge change to naming standard to ensure no clashes (as far as possible) with calling systems such as Wordpress
Added client output buffer to Environment and associated code
Cleaned up exit from Paloose
Refined the root directory variables etc. to ensure multi-site working in WordPress
1.3.6b1 2010-09-06 Cured bug in Browser.php in regular expression handler for Opera browser detection.
1.3.6 2010-08-02 Added "Generated by Paloose" meta data in HTML head with version number.
1.3.5b5 2010-01-10 Changed GalleryTransformer etc to allow for tagged text in image/folder descriptions.
Updated SQLTransformer to handle entities correctly.
Updated SQLTransformer to handle query return values better.
Changed SQL query structure attributes.
Added is_utf8 function in Utilities.
Added utf8ToUnicodeEntities function in Utilities.
Added makeStringHex function in Utilities (debugging aid).
Updated logging to the latest Log4PHP V2.0.0.
Changed RequestParameterModule to ensure internal UTF format is used.
Cured bug in RequestParameterModule that did not encode arrays properly as UTF-8.
Rewrote the variable expander in StringResolver to handle expansion more efficiently (and correctly)
Cured bug in LogTransformer where too much logging was enabled (info should have been debug)
Updated several documentation pages to reflect the above and also correct several mistakes and clarify other parts.
1.3.4b4 2009-12-01 Missed eregi() sorted.
Site documentation sorted in flows.
1.3.4b3 2009-10-05 Added explicit time zone setting in Paloose.php. Cures a bug found when porting to Mac OS X Snow Leopard.
Changed eregi() to preg_match() etc in Browser.php.
1.3.4b2 2009-08-02 Cure entity translation problem in Utilities::xlateEntity().
1.3.4b1 2009-07-22 Tidy up XHTMLSerializer. There were problems with my local server with freeing objects.
1.3.4 2009-06-07 Updated PDF documentation with indexing.
Added implicit entity translation in generators (FileGenerator and PXTemplateGenerator)
Corrected Reader error-number bug
Added regular expression variables ({0}, {1}, {2}, ...) to global module (accessed as {global:__0}, {global:__1}, {global:__2}, ... respectively.
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