Gallery Transformer

The Gallery transformer provides a simple Picture Gallery addition for Paloose. To see this in action try the gallery at Guinness Park Farm or Chandos Symphony Orchestra.


The root sitemap needs to have the Gallery Transformer declared as a component:

<map:components> <map:transformers default="xslt"> <map:transformer name="gallery" src="resource://lib/transforming/GalleryTransformer"> <map:parameter name="root" value="context://gallery/"/> <map:parameter name="image-cache" value="context://resources/images/cache/"/> <map:parameter name="max-thumbnail-width" value="150"/> <map:parameter name="max-thumbnail-height" value="150"/> <map:parameter name="resize" value="1"/> <map:parameter name="max-width" value="600"/> <map:parameter name="max-height" value="600"/> </map:transformer> ... </map:transformers>


In order to use the transformer we need to put the following:

<map:match pattern="*.xml"> <map:generate src="context://content/{1}.xml"/> <map:transform type="gallery"/> <map:transform src="context://resources/transforms/gallery2html.xsl"/> <map:serialize/> </map:match>

Note that there is an XSL gallery transformer, gallery2html.xsl. An example and more details can be found on the Gallery example page.

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